Becoming a Gamechanger Dairy Farmer

To become a Gamechanger dairy calf supplier you need to be:

  • Red Tractor Farm Assured
  • Predominantly a Holstein Friesian bred herd
  • Milk recording
  • Preferably all year-round calving (not essential)


The benefits of being a Gamechanger dairy calf supplier:

  • Guaranteed outlet for in specification calves
  • Exclusive access to leading, proven Aberdeen Angus genetics that are easy calving and short gestation
  • Fixed forward calf price, known from when you inseminate your cow
  • Collection of calves from as young as 10 days old
  • No market commission payments
  • Fast payment within 7 days via BACS
  • Drop your calves off at a dedicated collection centre or have calves collected from farm
  • Opportunity to engage in supplier events and research opportunities

What our dairy suppliers say:

“The programme is a real benefit to my business. I know the price I will receive, calves are collected off farm and I get paid via BACS. You train your eye to meet specifications, in my experience; as the passport arrives the calf is ready to go. I’ve attended events with the supplier group to the Genus ABS Ruthin bull stud, Blade rearing units and to ABP processing plant.”

James Thomas, Avenue Farm.


“We joined the Dedicated Sire scheme last year We currently have cows pregnant to the Dedicated sires on offer. We are excited to be involved in this integrated scheme, using Aberdeen-Angus genetics proven on dairy farms means we have the confidence the calves will be easy calving and we can sell them quickly into a secure outlet. The fixed pricing structure means we know exactly what we will be getting for our dedicated sired calves.”

James Lamburn, University of Reading.