Beef research and innovation

To go far, we must go together. But to go further, we must question how and why we do things the way we do. 


Driving Innovation

That’s why as part of Gamechanger, we commit to exploring and trialling new, sustainable innovations, across over a thousand head of cattle every year, so that we can better support and empower producers to make impactful change across the entire Taste the Difference beef supply chain. 

The Gamechanger research portfolio is broad and constantly evolving; from exploring novel diets and alternative proteins, through to some of the latest technology that enables more hyper-specific and efficient farming, or tools that make managing animals easier, safer and more accurate.  


Cutting Edge Processes

Some examples to date include the trialling of stressless cattle weighing technology that through camera imagery, could predict an animal’s weight from a distance. 

With effective grass management key for most beef producers, we have also been working with digital grazing platforms to prove how grass can be grown and used more sustainably. 

Gamechanger is always open to new collaborative research opportunities, welcoming people, businesses and organisations to reach out. 

With a joint mission to produce more sustainable beef, both Sainsbury’s and ABP are also members and supporters of the European Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, which unites and coordinates sustainability programmes around a common agenda to deliver measurable and positive impacts within the beef value chain.