Gamechanger Genetics

Joining Gamechanger provides farmers with access to world leading genetics supplied by Genus ABS.

Genus ABS and Blade Farming have been in partnership since 2015, collecting thousands of Angus calves from dairy cows across the UK. The breeding programme built by Genus ABS has been tailored to create efficient and sustainable genetics for Gamechanger. This investment has created sires which go through rigorous progeny testing; only when the best sires are identified are they put forward for dairy customers; exclusive access via the Gamechanger programme.

We select sires from a group of over 700 bulls offered from Genus ABS’ global bull stud. Only the very best sires are selected once they have proven to deliver the following traits for Gamechanger customers:

● High sire conception rate
● Excellent Calving Ease
● Quick growth rates
● High feed efficiency
● Meet carcase specification – creating higher value cuts consistently to suit the end consumer buying from the Taste the Difference range at Sainsbury’s.

These traits are benefitting hundreds of customers each and every day. For example, dairy farmers are getting exclusive access to easy calving, short gestation sires, allowing the cows the best chance of a profitable lactation, equating to over £30 per calf born.

Beef rearers and finishers are also seeing significant benefits by rearing animals that are proven to consume 10% less feed per kilogram of liveweight gain and have 88 days less to harvest, equating to over £100 extra profit per head, sired by Gamechanger sires. Another key bonus of Gamechanger sires is that they can demonstrate an 11% reduction in carbon-foot print compared to average Angus sires, meeting the growing demands for more sustainable red meat products.

As Gamechanger develops, new sires will be identified for the programme by Genus ABS, which will need to deliver genetic gain by increasing profitability, efficiency and sustainability across the supply chain. Our goal is to deliver high quality beef products, with a reduced carbon footprint, all fully traceable to the consumer.

We are continually growing the Gamechanger programme to fulfil the demand of the Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference range, so if you are interested in becoming part of
the programme please get in touch: