Becoming a Gamechanger Grower

To become a Gamechanger grower you need:

  • Good quality grazing and forage management
  • The facilities to receive 100kg calves at three months of age to take through to a forward store animal (350kg-450kg)
  • To have the facilities to weigh cattle and record production information
  • Farm Assured holding

The benefits of being a Gamechanger grower:

  • Various systems including zero capital outlay
  • Locked in lifetime price
  • Industry leading Aberdeen Angus genetics
  • High health status animals
  • FREE farm management software from Agriwebb

The benefits of a Blade-reared Gamechanger calf:

  • As a buyer you will be buying at the time of year that suits your production system
  • The weaned calves are reared as a group on the same regime and will have been vaccinated, disbudded and BVD tagged and tested
  • The calves are delivered with a full health history, detailing treatments and vaccinations
  • Calves are sold as even bunches by weight
  • The calves have had an excellent start to their lives and are growing fast. When they arrive on your unit they are ready to move onto their growing diet
  • Various batch sizes available to suit your system requirements
  • The rearing protocol has been designed to ensure consistency throughout the Blade units giving customers confidence when buying a Blade weaned calf
  • All calves are supplied with Electronic Identification tags that will link up to Agriwebb